Terms and Conditions


Code of Conduct

As a Rec Vic Member or Supporter, you agree to act in accordance with Rec Vic’s purpose, and not do anything, including conduct your organisation in any way, such that remaining a Rec Vic member would bring Rec Vic into disrepute. You acknowledge that Rec Vic will determine at its discretion whether your conduct or the conduct of your organisation brings Rec Vic into disrepute.

Rec Vic is committed to providing leadership, advocacy and support to people and organisations driving the movement for Reconciliation in Victoria.

Our vision is to see a Victorian identity that reflects our true history, that values Aboriginal culture and ensures self-determination and equitable outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.


Terms and Conditions



  1. Reconciliation Victoria (RV) is introducing a new membership program where people may apply to become members, pay an annual fee, and in return receive exclusive [online] access to RV publications, resources, events and forums, as well as voting rights at RV annual meetings.

  2. Once an application for membership is accepted by RV, members agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

    1. members must pay the annual fee specified on RV’s website [Reconciliation Victoria].

    2. members may terminate their Membership at any time by notifying the secretary of RV in writing to members@reconciliationvic.org.au . Any fees paid will not be refunded.

    3. membership will not be automatically renewed. Members must pay the annual membership fee within 28 days of receiving notice from RV that annual membership fees are due, or their membership will lapse.

    4. members and members’ organisations must not engage in behaviour contrary to RV’s purpose and values (for example, on social media).

    5. members and member organisations must not engage in any conduct that would bring RV into disrepute.

    6. members and member organisations agree to comply with RV’s Association Rules, Code of Conduct and these Terms and Conditions, as amended or varied at any time.

  3. RV’s Association Rules can be accessed online at the following link here.

  4. RV reserves the right to:

    1. Amend the annual membership fee at any time, by updating the fees specified on RV’s website [Reconciliation Victoria]. RV will advise members of any changes to fees at the time it notifies members of their upcoming renewal;

    2. Revoke membership, at its discretion, if a member or member organisation:  

      1. engages in behaviour which RV reasonably believes is contrary to its purpose and values;

      2. engages in conduct which is likely to bring RV into disrepute; or

      3. fails to comply with RV’s Association Rules, Code of Conduct or these Terms and Conditions.

Members acknowledge that RV’s exercise of its discretion to revoke membership is to protect its legitimate business interests and reputation.


 How to apply for Membership

  1. Applicants can apply for membership by:

    1. Completing the online Membership Application Form , including agreeing to comply with RV’s Code of Conduct and RV’s Association Rules; and

    2. Paying the annual membership fee.

  2. RV may in its discretion accept or reject a membership application for any reason including, but not limited to:

    1. Where an applicant provides false and misleading information in a membership application form;

    2. Where an applicant’s conduct does not appear to align with RV’s purpose or values, including those stated in the Code of Conduct;

    3. Where an applicant appears to have previously engaged in conduct that, if similar conduct were engaged in, would be likely to bring RV into disrepute.

  3. Applicants acknowledge that RV’s exercise of this discretion is to protect its legitimate business interests and reputation.

  4. RV is not required to provide reasons to an Applicant for the decision to reject or accept a Membership application.

  5. An applicant may contact RV via members@reconciliationvic.org.au if they wish to dispute RV’s decision to reject an application.

  6. RV will notify by email, applicants whose applications have been accepted.